The Melanoma International Foundation was originally established by people genuinely dedicated to battling melanoma on all fronts. Their new website is located here: https://melanomainternational.org/. Each board member had experienced melanoma firsthand: either from being a survivor or losing a loved one to the disease. Melanoma has largely been ignored as “just skin cancer” yet the incidence is increasing at epidemic proportions, with one person dying every hour from the disease.

The foundation was on the cutting edge of creating and supporting the most effective programs for the prevention, early detection, and treatment of melanoma. Already in the works is NMF funding of the first pigmented lesion clinic for children at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The NMF is currently creating training programs for all nursing disciplines so they will graduate with a thorough awareness of melanoma and what it looks like.

Research support is not only directed at finding effective therapies but also to discover effective screening assessments of children in public schools. The Board of Trustees is guided by the expertise of the Medical Advisory Board, which is comprised of world-renowned melanoma experts.